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By AgWeb Guest Editor

To tackle winter and spring annual weeds in winter wheat, timing continues to be a key factor in weed control strategies. Quelex wheat herbicide with new active ingredient Arylex from Dow AgroSciences provides advanced broadleaf weed control, including weeds resistant to ALS and glyphosate.

“Timing continues to be an important consideration in weed management,” says Dallas Peterson, Extension weed specialist, Kansas State University. “Properly timed weed control improves herbicide efficacy, protects yield and reduces future infestations.”

Peterson provides these three tips can help build a powerful weed-fighting strategy through the season.

1. Protect stand establishment.

Actively growing weeds that compete with newly planted wheat can hurt crop stand establishment.

“Quelex herbicide provides good broad-spectrum broadleaf weed control as either a fall or a spring treatment,” says Peterson. “It is quite effective at control of most mustards and henbit. For added residual, tank-mix with herbicides like Rave or Finesse depending on weed targets.”

2. Achieve early spring control.

Fall herbicide applications may not control late fall- or early spring-germinating winter or summer annual weeds. An early spring treatment after summer annuals emerge may be more effective. As the crop comes out of dormancy, apply herbicide with a top-dress fertilizer for minimal wheat stand impact. 

“Weed-and-feed applications give the wheat a boost and provide weed control at the same time,” says Chad Cummings, field scientist, Dow AgroSciences. “Quelex herbicide is tank-mix compatible and allows growers to mix in a full 100 percent UAN solution.”

3. Avoid weeds at harvest.

Weather and level of weed infestation may delay herbicide applications. Later in the spring when wheat begins to green up, apply herbicides as early as possible for proper spray coverage, especially on winter annual weeds.

Winter annuals will become a component of harvest if uncontrolled. With a wide application window, Quelex herbicide can be applied to winter wheat from the two-leaf to flag leaf emergence stage for broadleaf weed control.

See the article here.

Local Weather

According to Storm Team 12 on KWCH for the Hays, Kansas area:

Friday - Sunny with a high of 33, low 10.
Saturday - Mostly cloudy, high 38, low 31.
Sunday - Rain throughout the day, high 45, low 29.
Monday - Sunny, high 50, low 28.
Tuesday - Sunny with a high of 52, low 34.
Wednesday - Partly cloudy with a high of 53, low 23.
Thursday - Chances of snow throughout the day, high 33, low 19.


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